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Protecting Your Rights And Your Future Throughout The Criminal Process

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony offense, you can put your future at risk if you choose to represent yourself in court. In Virginia, a criminal conviction can follow you throughout your life, affecting your ability to get a job, obtain a loan or get into the college of your choice. The stakes are too high to handle this situation alone.

For years, the Law Office of F.A. Webb PLLC has tirelessly represented individuals facing criminal matters in Fairfax and the surrounding area. Our principal attorney, Frank Webb, is a skilled negotiator and experienced litigator. He uses his background in criminal law to minimize the impact criminal charges have on your life now and in the future.

Defending You Against A Range Of Charges

When you consult with us, we listen to your side of the story without judgment. Our team will then design a strategy based on the circumstances surrounding your arrest and evidence collected at the scene.

Our firm is qualified to handle a variety of criminal matters, including:

  • Traffic violations, including speeding tickets, hit-and-run offenses and driving on a suspended license
  • Drunk driving charges for first-time offenders, underage drivers, commercial drivers and repeat offenders
  • Drug offenses, including marijuana possession and prescription drug crimes
  • Violent crime charges, including domestic violence, assault and battery
  • Theft and fraud offenses, including check fraud/uttering, shoplifting and forgery

At our firm, we take pride in the personal relationships we form with our clients. From day one, you will work alongside a seasoned lawyer who remains up to date on the facts and status of your case. We are committed to providing one-on-one attention because your legal concerns are important.

You deserve nothing less when a criminal matter puts your future at risk.

Get A Skilled Advocate In Your Corner

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